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CMMS - Preventive Maintenance Software

PMXpert delivers the most powerful and user-friendly CMMS (Preventive Maintenance Software) program on the market. PMXpert is a valuable resource for all your PM requirements.


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Preventive Maintenance ToursPMXpert's interactive online tours demonstrate how to generate scheduled and emergency work orders, view cost entries and reviews, and track the service history on equipment. Learn more about this Preventive Maintenance Software. It's an Easy to Use CMMS Solution!

Powerful and Feature Rich

PMXpert will help lower costs, perform PM schedules, extend equipment life, increase the value of assets and help control your service resources. You're spending more than you need to when maintaining your equipment and you need a preventive maintenance software to help you stay organised and save money. PMXpert's features are developed with you in mind. We consult with CMMS users to ensure PMXpert has the features they require most.


Read the features list for an overview of everything PMXpert has to offer.

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Learn more about the fantastic features and benefits of this preventive maintenance software by requesting a free online demonstration with a PMXpert representative.


PMXpert Clients - Find Out What They Think!

"I demo'd approximately 25 CMMS packages, and yours is the best and most intuitive by far."

Wayne King - Charles J. King, Inc.

Simple to Learn, Easy to Use

PMXpert has proven to be one the most affordable and user friendly CMMS products on the market. All types of facilities, such as machine shops, medical centers, hotels, cities and fleet companies choose PMXpert.

PMXpert's preventive maintenance software is known for its simplicity, effectiveness and first-rate customer service. To find out why our clients are so satisfied with our services, read Software Testimonials.


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Service Request Module
Stay organised with PMXpert's Service Request Module which directs all service requests to PMXpert. From there, it's easy to review them, assign them to the appropriate assets and create work orders.
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Training and Support
PMXpert is backed by expert support. What's best for your organisation - onsite or online training? Get the confidence you need to maxmise the benefits of PMXpert.
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The Complete Preventive Maintenance Solution!

PMXpert is a clear leader in the competitive CMMS industry. This innovative and affordable software handles both PM Scheduling and On-Demand maintenance. Print purchase and work orders, enter costing quickly and easily. It's all there!


Request a Free Evaluation Copy or schedule an Online Demonstration by contacting PMXpert Sales. You will discover how PMXpert is the Complete Preventive Maintenance Software Solution that you have been looking for!


Do you need more information? View our site map for a complete index of our website or contact our Sales Department.


New Releases!
Update to the latest version of PMXpert to continue receiving the maximum benefits from the software. Remember, to receive updates a current Upgrade Protection Plan is required. If your Upgrade Protection Plan has lapsed, contact our Sales Department at or 0871 218 0912.
Learn more about the latest release of PMXpert by reading the article "Software Update" in the latest issue of the PMXpert Connection.


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